119th St. Drink Menu






Watermelon Sour Patch Shot:  $5.50

Watermelon Pucker, Splash Sour & Siera Mist

Santa’s Hat Shot: $7.50

Rumple, Ryans, Whipped Cream topping, with a drop of grenadine

Cinnamon Apple Mule: $7.50

Fireball, Crown Apple with Ginger Bill

Campfire Manhattan: $15.00

Whisky, sweet and dry vermouth, with OJ

Harvest Moon: $10.00

Rye Whisky, Amaretto, sour, with a splash of Fireball

Cranberry Sparkler: $8.00

Deep Eddy Cranberry, Pama, Siera Mist

Cranberry Lime Mule: $7.50

Deep Eddy Lime, Ginger beer, splash of cranberry

Laurens Latte: $10.00

360 Double Chocolate, Coffee Liquor, splash of whipping cream, Chocolate and caramel drizzle in martini Glass.