Life at the Tav

  • We Are Family

    Get your boxes of tissues, folks, this one may bring a tear to your eye… Having a majority of my family in Illinois, I can speak from experience that sometimes living in a city 509.8 miles away (according to Google) can be a little lonely. Let’s...

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  • Somehow, I Manage

    This one is dedicated to my family, but most importantly to my Mom, who has absolutely no idea what I do for a living: Okay, well she may have some idea, she has visited the restaurant while I was working, and seen me in action, but what does the Assistant...

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  • Happy Holidays

    "Drunks-giving"Twas the night before ThanksgivingAnd all through the barAll the patrons we're drinkingAnd giving up keys to their carThe drinks being slungTo the bar well with careIn hopes that the serversSoon would be thereThe shots were a flowin'The...

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  • Food Expediter Extraordinaire

    Have you ever expedited food in a busy restaurant on a Friday night? It’s a truly one of a kind experience. Believe it or not, while your family and friends are enjoying a nice, quiet, dinner together, there are at least ten people in the back of the...

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  • The Tavern

    The TavernBelieve it or not,The Tavern’s aliveThe walls they wake upWith will to surviveThe first keys they turnIn locks bolted tightThe first staff shows upAnd turns on the lightThe grill fires upWith a faint rising humManagement counts moneyNot missing...

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  • Hello all

    Hello all, my name is Kayley Baack, maiden name Fitt-Handzik and I know I probably should have married a “Smith,” or a “Jones,” but hard last names were just in the cards for me. I have been with Johnny’s Tavern coming up on four years, and...

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